Clare's Craft Centre


I have had a life long passion for fabric and needle crafts. Although I am self taught I must give credit to the influence and support of many people close to me.

My mother trained in the art of drapery and tailoring. My sister and paternal Aunt both encouraged and supported my natural love of creating needlepoint, fine bead work, tapestry, applique and embroidery.

A thirst for design and creation was further developed by my secondary school teachers.

Although I selected a career in nursing, the need to sew and craft has never left me. Truth be known it has probably been the relaxing nature of craft work that has helped me through many difficult life experiences. 

Over the last six years I have been lucky enough to have found a wonderful group of like minded women who have shared my passion. The time we spend together every week in class has been the inspiration for my business.

I would like to share the feeling of achievement, success, confidence and pride that we all feel during the creation and completion of our craft projects.

I believe that what we have, could be provided for many others to share. Initially my idea began with the creation of a small informal craft studio. I then decided that materials used within the classes would be for sale under the same roof. Finally I completed my business idea with fully equipped sewing stations so that people could escape from a busy world and craft in a relaxing peaceful environment.

The result of all these ideas became Clare's Craft Centre.